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  The process of custom design is unlike anything you have likely experienced in your life and is not one that will be forgotten.

  As we work together in creating your gown, you will find that the enjoyment grows with each fitting. Your input, with as much or as little guidance as you prefer, will bring to life a dress that is yours alone.

    Our initial meeting will consist of us discussing your ideas and inspirations, looking at pictures, and fielding suggestions. We will look at fabric samples and then discuss an estimate, which will depend on complexity of the details and design, as well as fabrication.

   Once the decision has been made to move forward and the 50% deposit made, the fitting process begins. First a muslin mock up of the basic silhouette, then moving through 2-3 fabric/detail fittings.

When your dress is finished and perfect, the remaining balance is paid. 

  The ideal time frame for the process is 4-6 months, but some brides prefer to start up to a year out. I am happy to answer any further questions that have not been satisfied here.

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